Helical Blade Cut Off Machine For Cutting Paper , Sprial Knife Sheet Cutter On Production Line

Helical Blade Cut Off Machine For Corrugated Cardboard Cutting, 1800MM Sprial Knife Sheet Cutter On Production Line


I. Functions and characteristics


1. With single or double layers structure for choice.

2. Colorful touch screen display all kinds of production information which can be checked, revised ,added or canceled.

3. Special structural design, particularly well mechanical strength wall and base.

4. Special high-speed helical cutter for cutting cardboard smooth without burr.

5. Blade adjustment and changing design, fast and convenient.

6. Drive box adopts oil pump type high precision gear drive with low noise, steady.

7. AC servo motor driven cutting, high efficiency, high precision.

8. Transport out of paper using an independent variable frequency motor drive, and line speed synchronization.

9. AC servo control system, energy saving 30%.

10. Computers can store multiple sets of orders,changing orders automatically with non-stop, and to achieve computing network to facilitate the production management.

11. Cutting length range ;500-9999mm; Cutting accuracy; ± 1mm.

12. The speed : 50-130m/min

13. Valid breadth:1400mm-2500mm.


II. Technical parameters


Model SMHQ-LX-1600 SMHQ-LX-1800
Effective working width 1600mm 1800mm
Wallboard inner width 1800mm 2000mm
Design speed 130m/min 130m/min
Economic speed 90~110m/min 90~110m/min
Machine size 3300x1300x1560mm 3500x1300x1560mm
Operation cabinet size 1000x600x1400mm 1000x600x1400mm




1. Where is your factory located?

A: Our factory is in Dongguang county, Cangzhou city, Hebei, China.


2. Will you attend Corrugated Packaging Exhibition?

A: Yes, we attend the Sinco Corrugated Expro every year. One year in Shanghai and next year in Dongguan, Guangdong province.


3. Can customer visit SOOME factory?

A: Yes, welcome to visit our factory anytime. Can contact us before your coming.


Helical Blade Cut Off Machine For Cutting Paper , Sprial Knife Sheet Cutter On Production Line


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